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  • Admission officers
  • International students
  • Duncan Vickers
    The university of st Andrews
    myOffer® is the bridge between the students and The university of st Andrews.
  • Maddie Fine
    University of Southampton
    It's very convenient to students that myOffer®
    gets all the information together.
  • Charlotte Kinneavy
    Cambridge education group
    I think the innovation of myOffer® is to give students free and transparent experience.
  • Bill Burson
    Cardiff university
    MyOffer® ensures that every student can get a complete experience of studying abroad.
  • Anna Trott
    The king of education
    All the applications can be solved in this most adorable and reliable platform.
  • Zhang, UCL
    I was motivated to apply very quickly, and didn't need to apply individually in various universities. And it's free.
  • Fang, BPP
    So quick in getting the uni info and matching result. Also handy when it comes to the application. Thumb up.
  • Yang, UCL
    Very quick communication with their online support team, and also had my PS edited by them. Very impressed.
  • Yang, Warwick
    Such a reliable and valid platform. The staff are a joy to talk with.
    Highly recommended
  • Li, Keele University
    With limited time given. I find myOffer® super useful and it was so intuitive, with all the necessary info, without distraction.
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As more students head abroad for higher education, an online platform aims to take the pain out of the often daunting application process.
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