Terms and Conditions

Please read the documents carefully, as myOffer platform will be offering services based on the following terms and conditions.

Welcome to the Official Document for myOffer Platform, and this document explains all the terms and conditions that applies to the myOffer document and other affiliated services.

Confirming the Terms

myOffer platform serves the client based on this documents, and this will legally apply to all conditions when you are using the products.

If you happen to disagree on any terms and conditions, you can choose not to register,but once you click “register” and go through the registration process, that means you agree on the terms and conditions for the company, and become one of the registered members of the product. Otherwise we assume, you have willingly agreed the information and services based on the myoffer platform.

The duration of our terms: from the moment you click “I agree” regarding the terms and conditions, until the moment your account is no longer registered on the platform.

If there’s no special regulation, the user and the party should use the emails to communicate the documents with the others.

And the emails are updated on our official website, that will be the final version.

If you are using our platform, we automatically assume that you are agreeing my offer’s terms and conditions for my offer’s platform and its subsidiary terms.

The right of final explanation belongs to myOffer platform.